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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Playing with Turquoise We-Space Questions

Playing with Turquoise We-Space Questions

Sometimes, someone in any we-space I am co-occupying asks "How can we do.....?" or "How shall we do.....?" I've noticed that in attempting to answer the question, "I" shift my identity from the expansive "field" which is "through me as me," into the linear, separation-based, planning mind, whose response to the question is inevitably "Uuuuuhhhhhhh......."

And I suspect I am not unique in that experience. So what is going on?

I have suggested that not all "Second Tier We-spaces" are created equal, and that the Yellow kind is significantly different from the Turquoise kind, and that we might avoid or prevent many problems if we keep the differences clearly in mind, granted that characterizing an entire we-space occurrence by one color/stage is almost always a gross over-simplification.

If one fundamental difference between Yellow We-spaces and Turquoise We-spaces is the subjectively-experienced (UL) nature of the "I" or identity of each individual involved, and if that difference can be described as being one of a collection of individuals vs being a transpersonal energetic field of consciousness which is functioning through each individual yet is experienced by each AS their individual self yet heightened or amplified or enhanced -- then I wonder if a question as to "HOW" arises from or at least can be said to characterize, the Yellow consciousness rather than the Turquoise consciousness.

My reasons for suspecting that are as follows. 

In his nearly two decades of teaching, the spiritual teacher Adyashanti seems to me to have concluded that the frequently-asked-question "How can I......?" (fill in the blank with anything around spiritual development) is always and inevitably being asked by the separate-sense-of-self identity. Beyond the illusion of separation, both the question and the questioner seem to dissolve. He has observed this in thousands of people. After listening to dozens of his satsangs question-periods, I have learned to sense the same thing: where such a question is originating from/who is asking the question.

It also matches my inner subjective experience, as described above in one example.

This doesn't mean that in a Turquoise Wespace, one is cut off from the future or becoming aware of next steps toward a glimpsed future. I suspect that the version of "How can we.....?" which arises in a Turquoise Wespace might be something more like this: 

Everyone is "getting" a glimpse of a near or far future "reality" or possibility, and the question might arise, voiced out loud: "What is arising now in any of us which seems to point to that future? Are there insights or impulses to action which are arising/emerging in any of us now, which some or all of us resonate with and are moved to act upon? If so, let whoever is so moved, so act!"

Of course, which version of the question is posed, depends on which kind of Wespace it is dropped into and intended to be useful in. So the asker of the question might indeed be operating from a Turquoise consciousness in asking -- geared, Spiral-Wizard-fashion, for the intended effect on the intended recipients.

So, I am just noticing around this matter, and suggesting this as another "marker" or distinction between the two very different (IMO) Second-Tier Wespaces.

What are your experiences on these matters? Is there something which would be even more useful to focus on? What is arising in you right now around all this?

by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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