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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ruminations on Peace

              Ruminations on Peace

These ruminations came while participating in a guided meditation on Peace, with music, at Integral European Conference 2022, by Katelin Gátfalvi and Dr. Olga Kiss.

These ruminations contain echoes from all the focus on Peace in previous conference moments.

Peace is complete non-resistance to, and non-judgment, of what is. 
And what is includes my resistance to and judgment of, what is. It includes my desire for something else. 
It includes all my feelings and thoughts about what is, be they love or hatred or aversion. 
Peace is complete non-resistance to all of that. 
All of it. 

Peace is complete non-resistance to and non-judgment of, what is, what is leaving, and what is emerging, in each instant.
Flowing with every note of music is easy peace. Flowing with water in a stream is easy peace. Flowing with grass as it grows, is easy peace. Flowing with clouds as they move and shift, is easy peace.
Flowing with conflict, war, hatred, suffering, and all of my thoughts and reactions to those, is not easy peace, until I let go and flow. 
Then I have all the power to change things that the universe has as it makes each moment different from the next.
Ever-present peace becomes present in my awareness when I grow large enough to contain war and its suffering and my/our fierce insistence of "no more" of that.

By Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
"Amplifying Divine Light in All" is a completely independent church fostering empowerment of people to co-create loving, thriving God-realized lives, and wellbeing for everyone, on a clean, peaceful Earth.
Our main religious purpose and mission is to amplify the Divine Light in everyone. When you read this article, you will agree or disagree with its various points, and then you will know more about what is true for you. Knowing more of your own Truth amplifies your Divine Light. Thus providing/presenting this article is one way for us to accomplish our purpose and mission. 
This article and our providing/presenting it are therefore a central and essential part of our exercise and practice of our religion. 
None of the contents herein are claimed as absolute truth. They represent one possible perspective which might prove useful for you. All results from using anything written in this blog are solely your own responsibility, which you assume by reading.

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Friday, February 4, 2022

Relationship of Individual and Community in Each Spiral Dynamics Stage/Worldview


 Version Feb. 4, 2022


Please note these descriptions are entirely my own, and might not be agreed with even by others who have extensively and deeply studied Spiral Dynamics for 15 years or more, as I have.


Please note the different worldviews are stages of maturation of consciousness. None can be skipped because they are cumulative. It is also true that both individuals and communities are operating from several worldviews at a time: some are being outgrown, some are being learned and matured, and some are coming in. Also which one is in the foreground of experience and behavior varies with situation, as we can draw on all our earlier worldview skills and capacities to best deal with any current situation.


For each worldview stage, the following are described:


·       What the predominant relationship between individual and community looks like

·       What limitations begin to prompt maturation to the next worldview stage

·       What the primary individual vs community tension is within that worldview

·       What capacities, perspectives, and skills related to creating community get acquired in that worldview and are available in all later worldviews.


The result is a flyover of the subject, and your comments to help expand the conversation are invited below. In particular, far more could be said about group decision-making methods as those evolve through the stages.

BEIGE Worldview stage


 There aren’t BEIGE individuals or communities available in our experience today, but the following points relevant to this topic might be made:


No community can be healthy and functional all the way down to our human roots, unless the following BEIGE capacities and concerns are adequately included in the community design:


·       Personal safety is, if not fostered by being in community, at least not endangered by it

·       Ability to meet basic survival needs are not diminished by the community, and ideally are fostered by it

·       Ways of sensing and adjusting to differences in perceived status of various individuals, for various reasons and according to various criteria, are made transparent and brought into accord with shared community values

·       A deep sense of embeddedness in Nature is part of the fabric of the community. The community itself is sustainable within its physical and social environments.


PURPLE Worldview stage


We in our modern lives are unlikely to encounter any actual groups or individuals predominantly in this stage, but as maturation is cumulative, we all have some PURPLE consciousness operating within us.


There is no sense of self or of community. They are fused, undifferentiated. It is nearly impossible for a modern human to get into this worldview perspective on self and community. The self is one’s role in the community, and the community is me/us versus “them” in another tribe.


This worldview begins to be outgrown when there is a dawning differentiation, often of “will.” There appear feelings of difference and disagreement with the elders who run the show or the gods that must be appeased for tribal survival. A sense of self distinct from family and tribe begins, and this new self rejects any community not defined by or oriented around self.


The primary self-community tension in PURPLE is probably that individuals do have enough sense of self to be sometimes disgruntled with the results of the default community decision-making methods of doing what the elders, or chief, or shaman (who knows what the gods want and need) specify.


What gets carried forward from PURPLE into RED is the capacity to feel a sense of belonging, and the desire and ability to be a useful contributing member of a community, adapting one’s own impulses to community needs for survival and thriving of the community itself and of the individuals involved.


RED worldview stage


The relationship of individual to community is that it’s all about me, and I define my community of people who are loyal to me. I impose my will on the community, and am ok using force to do that. It has to be what I want it to be, and if you don’t go along, you are out.


This worldview perspective on individual and community begins to be outgrown when the survival advantages of being in a more cooperative group, drawing on the skills and wisdom within the group, become more valued than the imposition of my own will on what the group does.


The primary self-community tension in RED can sometimes be torn loyalties between various groups one owes (or is forced) obedience to, and can sometimes be that since decisions are made by the strongest person, even with wise advisors, those decisions can be met with rebellion by individuals not aligned.


What gets carried forward from RED into BLUE is self-awareness of personal wants, needs, likes and dislikes, and of personal boundaries. And the capacity for self-expression honoring one’s own integrity and authenticity. RED (with some BLUE bureaucratic methods) is capable of forming and operating vast empires, which include nested and inter-related communities, so what gets carried forward compared to the PURPLE tribal scale is that individuals become capable of operating in more than one community at a time.


BLUE Worldview stage


The relationship between self and community tips in favor of inhibiting self-expression to conform to the design created by accepted authorities. Community is composed of like-minded people who accept the same authorities and their dictates about behavior.


This begins to be outgrown when limitations on self-expression become annoying, and when one’s own truth begins to differ from that of the authority. Also personal desires and goals begin to feel more important than the goals of the community/authority.


The primary self-community tension in BLUE is possibly related to the need to suppress much of the self to abide by the “One Right Way” to live, feel, think, and behave as specified by their ideology or religion or the design of the authority. This gets to be an inherently uncomfortable level of self-censorship or self-suppression for individuals maturing out of BLUE.


Capacities carried forward from BLUE into ORANGE and later worldviews include the ability to subordinate personal will to something larger than one’s own person. To see self as part of a bigger picture, and to desire to serve a greater purpose. Also within BLUE we learn to regard social rules, designs, plans, and agreements as being sourced from self; in BLUE this involves subordination of self, and while it continues to change through the stages, not until somewhere in TUQUOISE does this become a lived experience of the relationship of self and community.


ORANGE Worldview stage


The relationship between self and community is that self predominates, but not the RED self. It’s been tempered through BLUE community focus and cause focus. In healthy ORANGE, self is seen in relationship to an even larger community beyond “the faithful:” we are all of humanity. Self has the flexibility to “go with the program” where that will contribute to personal achievement and success, and to use the program to further personal goals. ORANGE can create communities focused on living a better (outstanding, extraordinary, better than others’) life, or creating a better world for everyone.


People seek to align others to their community by argument and persuasion. Rationality and mental ways of functioning are highly valued. Agreements are sacrosanct and are the primary way the community operates. The resulting predictability of behavior enables the community to focus on how to achieve its goals, rather than on coping with surprises constantly.


Consensus material reality is seen to be the ultimate arbiter of truth, and the difference between consensus or scientific fact and individual opinion is seen to be a central issue in all kinds of relationships, including communities. The scientific method is the ultimate way to know truth, and if that fails, then the BLUE-oriented fallback is to check with the experts who ought to know, and let them say what is the truth on the matter.


This begins to be outgrown when “me” begins to feel isolated and empty, dry. A shared cause or vision or a shared authority or plan isn’t sufficient because people in the community don’t know or care about one another personally. If they don’t know or value the others, they won’t adapt their behavior to achieve community purposes.


The primary individual-community tension in ORANGE might be that ORANGE communities tend to be simply one-dimensional. They are caught up in procedures, behavior, tasks, and progress/success/goals. They leave out many aspects of our humanity, which leaves the self feeling invisible and inauthentic. Also, majority rule, which is an advance over BLUE authority-rule, leaves the minority feeling unrepresented. ORANGE developed Constitutions and representative democracy (republic) to attempt to mitigate the divisiveness of majority rule.


 What gets carried forward from ORANGE into GREEN is the organizational skills to coordinate people on a large scale, the ability to cooperate in more complex ways, and even stronger realization of the necessity to preserve individual wellbeing and individual thriving, within a group context. Also carried forward is the sense that individual progress and group progress can be aligned for mutual benefit that can also be aligned with the benefit of very large groups, such as country or humanity.


GREEN Worldview stage


Community is defined as people I share feelings with: we focus on our feelings, share them with one another, and we have similar feelings and values. I get to know myself by seeing me as others see me. Together we can change the world to care about what we care about.


This worldview begins to be outgrown when exclusive focus on relationships and feelings is seen to impede making group decisions and getting things done that we and I want to get done for the better life and better world. Also it’s exhausting to always be needing everyone to agree with each other, and everyone outside our community to agree with our community. Consensus decision-making arises in GREEN and its unworkability soon becomes apparent. There is also in GREEN a certain subordination of “me” to “us” which also generates tension of wanting to be more “at cause” in the relationship of self and community.


The primary individual-community tension in GREEN is that “we-think” becomes restrictive after awhile. It occurs to a person they can care about others, even be in community with others, and yet not feel all the same, or think all the same.


What gets carried forward from GREEN into Second Tier YELLOW is


·       self-awareness (how others see me and how I see myself,)

·       a constant ability to be aware of how one’s behavior is affecting (or could affect) others,

·       shifting behaviors so that current and potential negative effects on others are avoided,

·       a deep capacity for caring not just for individuals but for group wellbeing, and

·       a variety of effective methods of facilitating community and of resolving conflicts

·       the ability to accomplish complex tasks and achieve shared goals in a well-coordinated way, all the while taking into account people as real, not just means to my ends or our ends, and

·       the principle of seeking feedback and revising anything that isn’t working for the individual or the community. Nothing is sacrosanct if it doesn’t contribute to constant growth and increased success.


YELLOW (first worldview in Second Tier) 


In this worldview, individuals have a huge sense of responsibility to make community work by allowing everyone to be who they are, and designing community systems that allow them to contribute meaningfully and importantly without changing. In other words, diversity is honored not by “our way or the highway” but by flexibly designing the system to not just accommodate or tolerate differences, but synergize them toward the purpose.


The potential value of everyone to further community goals can be harvested, in a YELLOW-designed community, even if there is no shared wording about what those goals are. YELLOW can communicate meaningfully to all earlier worldviews and align them on a purpose that might be fully understood only by YELLOW. It goes without saying that the purpose of a community in YELLOW worldview is to help the world be a better place while also fostering the growth and thriving of all the individuals involved. YELLOW draws on all previous capacities, to make that happen. YELLOW has the capacity to see how individuals are shaped by community.


YELLOW begins to be outgrown when the dynamics of what happens in a system cannot be fully explained by psychological or social factors. There seems to be something else affecting things, and attention turns to subtle energies that are operating, such as through telepathy, or group fields of subtle energies that affect everyone but in different ways.


The primary individual-community tension in YELLOW is how individuals can manage the complexity of all the interdependent causes and effects, for the benefit of individuals and shared purpose.


Capacities that get carried forward from YELLOW available for use in TURQUOISE include all the ones mentioned above.


TURQUOISE (second worldview stage in Second Tier)


Individuals and communities develop practices, methods, for becoming more aware of subtle energies. Opening meetings with silent attunements to the group, group meditative practices to sense a shared field, learning to both influence and allow unseen forces to affect outcomes desires by the group, are all learned in TURQUOISE. The relationship of the individual to the community spreads beyond consensus material and social reality and becomes more fluid in space and time.


Early TURQUOISE is focused on methods and on controlling outcomes to be as desired. Late TURQUOISE is more focused on intention and allowing emergent unexpected outcomes. “Leading from the emergent future.”


In TURQUOISE things get more non-linear and post-rational, and agreements between people become much less important, as what happens is seen to be influenced by other factors. In fact, agreements are seen to actually inhibit and limit the potential beneficial happenings that can emerge.


This worldview begins to be outgrown when both individuals and groups are facile at moving in and out of ordinary and subtle-energy ways of creating outcomes, and practices and prediction feel unnecessarily restrictive of what can emerge.


The primary individual-community tension in TURQUOISE is exactly where does one end and the other begin? In TURQUOISE one’s identity is becoming both as the individual and as the group. This is paradoxical to earlier worldviews, but in TURQUOISE it begins to be a lived reality. “I am” me and “I am” this community.


What gets carried forward from TURQUOISE into Third Tier CORAL: Everything described above. The ability to both act and allow, to merge self and community in a way that actually enhances and amplifies individual sense of self and contribution to the whole. The realization that there is a larger cosmological context with invisible forces that we can cooperate with, so our goals are in service to far vaster goals that we might not be aware of.


CORAL (first worldview stage in Third Tier)

The relationship of individual and community in CORAL takes off from TURQUOISE and goes further. Each individual realizes they are involved with and contributing to a vast number of visible and invisible communities, and that not all of them need conscious attention or conscious behavioral participation. There is a deep trust of the emergent trajectory of evolution of the universe, and the focus becomes on what each individual feels called to do in any moment. There is no need for any agreements, any predictability in behavior. People experience that their life is organized by a larger (or Divine) intelligence and people experience life as a series of synchronicities that work for the best interest of everyone, even if predicted behaviors don’t occur.


This worldview stage begins to be outgrown when all “practices” no longer feel necessary. The lines between individual and community become hopeless to draw because “community” has become everyone on many scales of existence, many of them outside of ordinary or subtle awareness. Paradoxical to earlier worldviews, CORAL begins to appear to focus on their own calling, their own joys, their own playfulness and humor. This is because the “self” is so vast over time and space, and outside of time and space, that focus on “self” far transcends the inclusion of this particular embodiment.


The primary individual-community tension in CORAL is the last vestiges of any sense of a self that is separate from All That Is, from others, from any particular group. The final relaxation of any such tension appears in TEAL worldview, which resolves all paradoxes into individuation instead of separateness, and individuation as another facet of unity or unification, of a shared universal Self.


What gets carried forward from CORAL into TEAL worldview stage is the paradoxical relaxing of effort to produce any particular shared or individual outcome, yet bringing to bear all of one’s creative powers on preferred outcomes. Plus what has just been mentioned.



Since we are unlikely to see or experience anyone in this worldview stage, I won’t go into it here, although I do in my second book Ten Worldview Stages in Living Color. You can probably make some guesses based on extrapolating the trajectory of maturation of consciousness, so far.


By Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
"Amplifying Divine Light in All" is a completely independent church fostering empowerment of people to co-create loving, thriving God-realized lives, and wellbeing for everyone, on a clean, peaceful Earth.
Our main religious purpose and mission is to amplify the Divine Light in everyone. When you read this article, you will agree or disagree with its various points, and then you will know more about what is true for you. Knowing more of your own Truth amplifies your Divine Light. Thus providing/presenting this article is one way for us to accomplish our purpose and mission. 
This article and our providing/presenting it are therefore a central and essential part of our exercise and practice of our religion. 
None of the contents herein are claimed as absolute truth. They represent one possible perspective which might prove useful for you. All results from using anything written in this blog are solely your own responsibility, which you assume by reading.

All rights reserved under the Common Law. This means please respect our creatorship.




Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Experience of "Oneness" in Ten Worldview Stages


The Experience of “Oneness” 
in Ten Worldview Stage


“Oneness” as a perceived relationship between self and other can include first a recognition of essential similarities with the other. (By “essential” I don’t mean “centrally necessary.” I mean “essenc=ial:” “springing from or related to the essence of something/someone.”) 

Then it can mature into an actual identification with the other, with various degrees of distinguishability from the other, various degrees of individuation within the One identity. In other words, there is a spectrum of the degree of sensed or experienced “Oneness.”

Everything said below is presented as informed speculation “for what it’s worth” to you for your purposes in your life—and with the hope it contributes somehow to more people maturing further into more mature experiences of Oneness that will generate a kinder, freer, more thriving world for us all.

Remember that each worldview stage is cumulative; each is present in all the later ones, foundationally, colored by the current predominant worldview. 

Remember also that in addition to the cumulative nature of worldviews, each individual person and each group with one worldview predominant in their consciousness and behavior has the consciousness of earlier and even later worldviews sprinkled through, showing up in various circumstances; we are “mosaics.”


In BEIGE there is what’s called an “oceanic fusion” kind of identification as One with the other. There are no conscious differentiations, no “essential similarities”-based sense of Oneness within this identification, although there obviously is an experienced difference between “my group” and “other group,” and an experienced difference from other species. This is obvious from different behaviors directed toward other groups or other species.

We can infer there is also a very instinctual sense of individual identity, as each individual acts like an individual with their own unique relationships to the others. For example, they do not mistake another’s body for their own. It is not the fused individual identity of an infant or some mentally ill people who literally cannot differentiate their body from what’s outside it.


Here my analysis has to get nuanced because there is still the “oceanic fusion” kind of Oneness in BEIGE, but there is also a layer of Oneness with “my tribe, my village,” that is somewhat more consciously chosen, as evidenced by the fact that this sense of Oneness can be transferred or at least expanded to a different tribe or village. It is still, however, I suspect, on the level of fused identification, and not based on “perceived similarities.”

PURPLE also is fused-identified with all of the natural surroundings and forces of nature, which has the beneficial effect of a respect for the natural world that begins to get lost in RED. It is reclaimed, at a higher-order integration of complex differentiations, somewhere starting perhaps in GREEN but greatly maturing after that.

Please understand that the words I’m using here such as “my tribe” cannot convey the actual PURPLE worldview-consciousness experience. Probably none of us are capable of having that experience un-colored, unaltered by our current predominant worldview. The ORANGE-GREEN words I use don’t refer to it, they point to it, suggest it, indicate it, hint at it.


RED consciousness and identity represents a first step into non-fused individual identity and therefore the first opportunity for a new kind of “Oneness” experience. That new kind gradually shifts and expands and matures through the YELLOW stage/worldview, in my opinion, and then there is a shift into a third kind of Oneness perceived similarities in TURQUOISE which gradually matures into an identity of Oneness on through CORAL and TEAL.

Probably the only “identification” of Oneness in RED is with family, and perhaps with some people a person might have a blood oath of loyalty with, meaning the person would sacrifice their life for the other or the other’s “cause” such as their throne or kingdom.

RED would be capable of experiencing essential similarity with others who share the same geographical area, the same bloodline, possibly the same “trade” or role in life, or the same leader to whom loyalty has been pledged. What this perceived essential similarity might generate in experience and behavior is loyalty, cameraderie, and friendship.

As RED is famous for having slaves, there are huge categories of people, especially including those who have been conquered by physical force, with whom there is not any sense of Oneness except a most basic realization that they are more like myself than some other animals are. Enslaved peoples are often regarded as sub-human, not fully human.


The obvious Oneness in BLUE is that I am One with those who believe as I do about important matters in life: about the meaning and purpose of life, about the source of Truth, about the rules we must live by. (Contrast with GREEN Oneness with people who feel as I do.)

So the circle of care and concern generated by a Oneness similarity or identification is greatly expanded compared to BLUE, and for the first time can significantly transcend geographical location and even basic human characteristics such as race. (Although the RED Roman Empire had loyal members in far-flung corners of the Earth, to be sure. That was a similarity of pledged loyalty to a leader and to a set of rules or beliefs, and not an experienced Oneness of identity.)


ORANGE can actually identify with the oneness of all humans, unless there is a RED shadow dehumanizing some in the face of narrow self-interest, allowing them to be treated differently, with different ethics. That is a common shadow in ORANGE that gives the whole worldview a bad name for some people who are shifting into GREEN.

This actual identification with all humans is why mature ORANGE is the worldview in which people find it natural to regard people of differing race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and gender as all being equally human and deserving of equal human rights. It is ORANGE which finally disengaged from human slavery and stopped dehumanizing certain people it was OK to own and control as slaves, under threat of death or imprisonment or other worse fate.

ORANGE is about self-interest, and many never reach the fully-mature ORANGE which is aware of the inter-dependence underlying true self-interest. That inter-dependence is not an identity, but it is moving in the direction of a Oneness identity. The inter-dependence is perceived along the lines of supply-chains or food-chains or even monetary-chains as in “Follow the money.” It is not yet the inter-dependence of parts of a whole “system” which in real in the reality of YELLOW.


In GREEN the “Oneness” is when we have the same feelings. People who feel as I do, I am One with, in recognition of our similarity, but not in actual identification. An actual identification with people who feel as I do can happen in GREEN—especially for people who have a strong need to belong, with an unmet personal need for “my tribe” leftover from not-fully matured PURPLE—but I suspect it requires the intangibility of subtle-energy sharing that’s real only starting with TURQUOISE.

People who do not feel as I do, as we do, need to be persuaded or otherwise manipulated into feeling as we do, or they are definitely “Other,” probably dangerous to “us” and not deserving of the same ethical considerations as “us.”

GREEN can mature into and through having an identified Oneness with “my relationships” on the personal scale; maturation can expand that scale of embodied identity of “my relationships” considerably.

GREEN does experience a Oneness identification or at least perceived participation of self with “The Web of Life” which harkens back to PURPLE but has a more complex understanding and experience, more differentiated and then integrated.


The experienced sense of Oneness in YELLOW has a larger scope of both perceived similarities and actual identification. The perceived similarities transcend all the factors that linger to create “otherness” in GREEN and are largely experienced as that we are all parts of a complex whole that is a system of inter-connected and inter-dependent parts. This can include a “living systems” perspective, not just mechanical. However, it is not what is meant by the more mature Oneness perceived similarities (or even identification) captured in the term “inter-being.”

YELLOW makes a great leap in the circle of caring and concern, removing all the inconsistencies, gaps, and hypocrisies of earlier worldviews, and truly enabling a person to experience essential similarities with all living things, non-living things, the whole “Web of Life” in both its tangible and intangible manifestations and operations.

The actual Oneness experienced directly in a YELLOW identity might begin as the experience of perceived similarities just mentioned, but can mature into a direct embodied identification with all that—which still is missing the next piece of the puzzle that emerges in TURQUOISE: the subtle realms not recognized as real by mainstream science. YELLOW is still within the reality defined by mainstrem science. The “We” of the Oneness of YELLOW is fully describable in terms of social science, of social “fields” which consist of relationships. 

Don’t mistake the intangibility of social fields with the directly experienced intangible (but experienced bodily as sensations, feelings, images, sounds, etc.) subtle-energy fields that are real in TUQUOISE.


In addition to what has been already said about the experiences of Oneness within the TURQUOISE worldview, the following speculations can be made.

TURQUOISE has the maturational task of creating a mature reintegration of Oneness with intangibles experienced especially in BEIGE and PURPLE, further moved along in GREEN and YELLOW, and yet in TURQUOISE going beyond those to beginning to experience essential similarities based on the beyond-“reality” reality of subtle energies. 

For example, a non-human Being can be experienced as “essentially similar to me” based on the similarity of experienced subtle energies of their embodiment, transcending anything heretofore recognized as part of The Web of Life—such as extra-terrestrials, angels or demons, etc.

By late TURQUOISE and into CORAL, a person can expand their personal identity to a wider scope than is available to earlier worldviews. That wider scope not only includes greater quantity of “others” experienced as “self” but more diverse qualities of being included as “self,” all the while maintaining a healthy grounded identity in their physical embodiment. (Or perhaps, unfortunately, “spacing out” sufficiently to become unfunctional in practical life.)

If my identity can include for example experiences of “past life selves,” “selves on other planets and in other dimensions of reality,” as well as all the selves and qualities regarded as “bad” or “evil,” I have quite a Oneness experienced identity indeed.


The experience of Oneness shifts from being based on any perceived similarities, no matter how foundational or essential, except for one similarity: existing. Being. Anything or anyone who can be perceived as separate “other” is identified as self in that we both exist, we both are manifestations of the Creative Force/Source of Being and of All That Is. We are distinguishable, individuated, but not separate. That’s what “Oneness” means here—not homogenized milk.

It’s important to understand that we’re talking about worldviews here. That means what I am calling the experience of Oneness in a worldview (whether as perceived essential similarities or as identity of self) is ongoingly experienced in consciousness and fully embodied in body and behavior, not just understood intellectually or glimpsed or experienced occasionally or while “practicing.”


The possible evolution of the "Oneness" experience beyond CORAL would be experienced, or more accurately said "apprehended," Oneness of identity not only with all that exists, but with the very Force or Power that creates all that exists (my terms for “Source” or “the Ground of Being.”)

That identity would be apprehended or experienced in each moment, as background if not as foreground in a person’s consciousness. This Force or Power would be both inseparable from and indistinguishable from, whatever is being experienced, whatever is happening, whatever “self” is experiencing, in every instant, and of necessity, inherent in the nature of Beingness and whatever gives rise to Beingness. (That’s the ultimate or third kind of Non-dual Realization, but that’s another blogpost.)

A couple of the many related complexities

There are some other Oneness related experiences I should mention.

Oneness with Nature

One is the direct experience of the Oneness of Nature and the person’s inclusion in that Oneness. That often happens spontaneously rather than from being achieved or induced and it can happen to a person within any predominant worldview. It is often called “Enlightenment,” though that would be a simplistic notion of Enlightenment. It generally doesn’t last, but it can certainly can leave permanent effects on one’s beliefs and attitudes.

That experience of Oneness is most likely to stabilize as an ongoing embodied awareness in someone whose predominant worldview is TURQUOISE, I believe.

Oneness with other people or creatures, Empathy

There sometimes can be a temporary or longlasting sense of being merged in consciousness with another person or creature (such as a pet.) The experience of this is as if the other were co-occupying one’s inner space, so their thoughts, sensations, and feelings are vividly present, and one can even be aware of the other’s sensory experiences: what they are seeing, hearing, sensing, etc. If one is a not-mature empath, the other’s thoughts and feelings can be difficult to distinguish from one’s own.

This experience of Oneness can happen for example during sexual interactions, or just from walking by someone on the street that you sense you’d like to rescue from unhappiness in some way, or during a psychic reading or healing, or temporarily if someone you love is in crisis, or various other possible circumstances. 

This is what’s called a “state” experience, being temporary and not constantly embodied, rather than a “stage” or worldview-related experience, in which case it would be ongoing, embodied, and accessible easily to the person’s conscious awarenesss. I would expect that could begin in TURQUOISE and increase from there. However, there certainly are people who have an abiding experience of being merged with someone(s) within earlier worldviews; parent-child relationships or spousal relationships might be the most common arenas for such experiences.

I regard this Oneness sense as a merging of astral-plane subtle-energy bodies. This can go on with or without the person’s conscious awareness of it. One circumstance in which it can go on is that some advanced spiritual practitioners (who might be in any worldview) are psychically merged with many people whom they are non-verbally and intangibly “transmitting” subtle energies/expanded consciousness to, all the time. The “guru” is generally not vividly conscious of all their astral-plane activities; it would be too distracting for good practical functioning in the world.


Do you recognize anything I’ve said? Are these descriptions helpful to you in navigating your experiences? Do these descriptions help you understand yourself and your inner journeys? Do they help you understand others you might want to be helpful to? 

If you’re wanting to facilitate someone moving along the trajectory, it’s helpful to know where they are, what they’ve already experienced, and what might be their very next step forward.

That’s my hope and purpose for sharing these musings!

By Rev. Alia Zara Aurami-Sou, Ph.D.

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Our main religious purpose and mission is to amplify the Divine Light in everyone. When you read this article, you will agree or disagree with its various points, and then you will know more about what is true for you. Knowing more of your own Truth amplifies your Divine Light. Thus providing/presenting this article is one way for us to accomplish our purpose and mission.
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Thursday, July 29, 2021



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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Turquoise Working Groups


Turquoise Working Groups


·       TURQUOISE we-spaces of a “working group” can have a profound felt-sense (to participants and observers) of calmness and serenity, but there can also be passion, urgency, and extraordinarily efficient operating toward a purpose (because in a way, the individual minds are “melded” into one, so differences and divisions when they show up are synergistic, not hindrances.)


·       TURQUOISE loves to spontaneously discover projects and people to work with in ways that include the systemic integrations found in YELLOW projects and go beyond to include “invisible realms” of phenomena that are perceived and influenced to produce results. (PURPLE “magic” is the roots of this, but in TURQUOISE there is far more knowledge of how the social and natural world works, as complex systems, and more consistently benevolent intent in the use of invisible forces.)

·       Even more profoundly than in GREEN, TURQUOISE is drawn to accomplishing practical, productive work in teams.[1] 

The characteristics of an individual who can work in teams composed of people predominantly in the TURQUOISE worldview might include these: 

    • Automatically senses and works directly with group energies and energy flows
    • Uses “invisible realm” actions/intentions/flow to accomplish ordinary outcomes such as purpose-setting, marketing outcomes, project management, etc. This is far beyond affirmations and visualizations.
    • Is grounded with a balanced life, values physical life, health, and relationships
    • Has a work/life attitude of creativity, playfulness, and joy, not hesitant to experiment and make mistakes
    • Is a good “team player," with profound commitment to "working on the relationship" of the team itself, in high-consciousness ways

o   Is emotionally/socially mature, including not flaky or flighty, can keep agreements made (or inform others of changes in plans,) no sharp edges, no subtle hypocrisy, etc.

o   Can talk about use of energy techniques, has an intellectual framework for their work. 

Even though this ability to put things into words develops through the time spent maturing through TURQUOISE, by late TURQUOISE it is balanced by three realizations. 

§  First, that "there are mysteries in play behind the scenes" (quote from an editorial in Mysterious Ways magazine) that can simply not be understood in words, or by the mind, and sometimes can't even be sensed. The territory is that vast. So the person is content to only partially "know" what they are doing, or what's happening, or what the results are. 

§  Second, this means they understand that it is not their personal will, their personal manipulation of subtle energies, which is creating most of what happens and the results. 

§  Third, by late TURQUOISE there is a clear grasp of the contextual nature of word meanings, so whatever words they might use to describe what they are doing, their framework is always just an incomplete map. However (because they have matured through YELLOW and gained this skill already) they still can communicate something meaningful to almost anyone they choose to communicate about their work with.

    • Always open, always learning
    • Always engaged in emotional and spiritual growth
    • Consciously in service to planetary or larger evolution
    • Has significant skills and capacities from earlier stages, especially from BLUE, ORANGE, and YELLOW that keep energy work grounded
    • Has significant flight-time logged in participating in higher we-space groups

o   Able to function on multiple levels and layers of reality/consciousness simultaneously, so the work is grounded and focused plus the detail work is grounded in vast spaciousness of cosmic evolution.  

·       Some individuals and groups mostly in BLUE work in “teams” composed of humans and angelic (or “demonic”) Beings. Some groups and individuals in GREEN teams also work with various invisible Beings as participants in the team, such as (echoed up from PURPLE) Nature spirits of various kinds, totem animals, or angelic or other “spirit-beings.”

A TURQUOISE team is likely to be found consciously relating to all of those as team participants, plus, possibly, ancestors, ascended masters, upper-dimensional (spirit-realm) extra-terrestrials, archetypes, morphic fields, and more. In TURQUOISE these relationships and interactions involve conscious practices of invocation and communication. In CORAL the integration of all those with the people—in their lives and work—is habitual, automatic, seamless.


If all this appeals to you, get in touch with me to explore possibilities!


by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
"Amplifying Divine Light in All" is a completely independent church fostering empowerment of people to co-create loving, thriving God-realized lives, and wellbeing for everyone, on a clean, peaceful Earth.
Our main religious purpose and mission is to amplify the Divine Light in everyone. When you read this article, you will agree or disagree with its various points, and then you will know more about what is true for you. Knowing more of your own Truth amplifies your Divine Light. Thus providing/presenting this article is one way for us to accomplish our purpose and mission. 
This article and our providing/presenting it are therefore a central and essential part of our exercise and practice of our religion. 
None of the contents herein are claimed as absolute truth. They represent one possible perspective which might prove useful for you. All results from using anything written in this blog are solely your own responsibility, which you assume by reading.

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[1] Many people long for community. The “cool color” worldviews especially include this longing. In TURQUOISE the longing is even more poignant because there are so few others who have matured into this stage; a person might go years without meeting anyone.