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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Third Tier We-spaces: Coral and Teal

Third Tier We-spaces: Coral and Teal

As usual, please regard these notions as useful, or not, rather than true, or not. And regard this blogpost as an invitation to a conversation!

I explored the difference between YELLOW and TURQUOISE We-spaces in a previous blogpost, and much of what is in my exploration of Collective Emergent Intelligence actually corresponds best with the TURQ We-space description. I strongly recommend you read that blogpost because there is a lot there which I am not repeating here, but pertains to this subject. I also explored some general YELLOW/TURQ differences here.

So this blogpost is a continuation, and you'll understand it best if you read the CEI descriptions and YELLOW/TURQ distinctions first.

Note I use the Spiral Dynamics color labels here, but I have my own interpretations of what they mean. I use them rather than Wilber's current labels because I "grok" the SD terms and do not grok the Wilber labels, due to lack of study of them.


In CORAL We-spaces, the “field” is experienced as far closer to being a “dominant monad.” Subjectively that is experienced as the paradoxical “me and IT” becoming less separate while not losing differentiation. (That starts at TURQUOISE and gets stronger here in CORAL.) It is observable in that the group is far more seen to be far more able to speak as a single voice, a single mind, a single heart, and to operate as a single Will.

Added on Nov. 22:

Also subjectively, the feelings, which began at TURQ, intensify here, and become "background" at TEAL, are of "ecstasy," felt physically and emotionally. With increasing frequency and strength, bodies feel empty, light, out-of-gravity, relaxed.

If the group is moving together, there is a flowing synchronous quality observable and felt by the members, and if the movements are free-form, some of them end up having a healing effect on some members. This started at TURQ and intensifies at TEAL.

If the group is free-form toning together (making sounds, and not restricted to humming or to "om-ing" but allowed to be any vocal sounds at all) then, again starting at TURQ, intensifying and becoming more common here, and "ordinary" at TEAL, there is both the observable and subjective experience of "one voice" through many throats, and the sounds themselves have healing and uplifting effects on everyone who produces them or hears them.

There are fewer and fewer subjective experiences which either disrupt it or seem to fall outside of the “field” shared experience. It can be said to be more “robust.” We might say that the “state” of emergent collective consciousness-field is becoming a “state-stage.” It tends to emerge in individuals when they are in the least proximity to one another, without “practice” and without consciously adopting or abiding by “injunctions,” which have become habits now. Individuals experienced in CORAL We-space, tend to act as automatic “inducers” so the phenomenon starts to show up via transmission or radiation, in other contexts of their life, even at the bank or school, for example. (This goes double for TEAL.)

Group decisions are more easily made, as the same thoughts and feelings tend to occur even more often simultaneously in the different individuals than was the case in TURQUOISE groups. Less needs to be said in order for decisions to be made; there seems to simply be some kind of “flow” of consciousness in which all members are equally swept along.

CORAL We-space groups tend to work even less on the observable 3-D, “Gross” world level, and more of their effect in the world is on the subtle-energetic levels. Thus they are beginning to interact with other groups which are in similar states, outside the limits of space-time, and the effects of their work just “show up” in other groups and individuals, invisible as to cause. Often, the group members are not even consciously aware of what they are doing on these subtle energy levels. (This all goes double in TEAL we-space participants.)

To whatever extent the actions, goals, and effects of the group are visible, they can be seen to involve compassion and “service” to high values such as Life, Evolution, the planet, etc. This of course goes double for TEAL we-space groups.

Thus there is a sense in which the effects of the group are invisible to both the group members and those affected; this “transparency” amps up considerably in TEAL we-spaces.


In contrast to CORAL, TEAL we-spaces are not engaged in any visible practices or injunctions. Beyond having become “habits,” these former practices and injunctions are now simply fully embodied transparently AS the people. There is very little difference observable between we-space and non-we-space functioning as individuals constantly occupy the relevant states of consciousness, which move to the foreground of individual awareness and behavior as called for by situations, and move to the background otherwise.

In this sense, a contrast to CORAL is that a group goes from being a ‘community of practice” at CORAL (though less so than one at TURQUOISE) to being a “system of influence,” in Margaret Wheatley’s terms. And that influence is exerted in both visible and invisible ways, on every imaginable scale and some scales beyond imagining!

One of the hallmarks of TEAL groups is their visible sense of playfulness, freedom, childlike innocence, spontaneity, irreverence, and (to the extent one really looks) their mind-blowing efficiency and effectiveness/potency in achieving things, with “effortless effort” and “goalless goals.” They each simply flow, as themselves, and as whatever group/collection/unit serves The Flow. The “Unique Self” is fully operational all the time. Leadership functions move fluidly in time throughout any group, optimizing the use of the talents and gifts of each person for each situation’s needs or demands.

There is some challenge to the observer in spotting TEAL we-spaces and their members, because it is all so natural that it can look like any other stage on the Spiral, indeed as those colors light up depending on conditions. It is the “ordinariness” of enlightened people.

At CORAL, a “we-space” is still identifiable as such, when and where it occurs, though less obviously than at TURQUOISE. At TEAL, you really can’t say “This here now, or that there then, is or was, an instance of a we-space.” The phenomenon pervades the lives of those capable of inhabiting that altitude of we-space. Thus, in a sense, it becomes invisible or disappears as a discussable “we-space” instance.

I would recommend you check out my descriptions of online communities at these altitudes, because those descriptions map into this discussion perfectly. http://exploringsecondandthirdtier.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-spectrum-of-online-community.html

What can you add or amend or applaud, in my suggestions above?

by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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Unknown said...

Gracious resonance , from another you (me) to
Another me (you). ���� the
Space share is . We are. Our frequencies of voice are (urges toward uttered sounds) necessary for ascension toward next dimensional existence . We are here and already there and also
Looking back from
There to here.. we are artwork of
Expression of resonance of one, individually. Let
Our recognition of this radiate our being, as our particles of such permeate the entirety of all of
Teal ... then Metallic
Vibrance as we
Shift gently yet with explosiveness
Back to our Stellar origin... love light from me (you ) you (me)