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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Building Inter-Group Second-Tier Collective Intelligence We-Spaces

Invitation to a Second-Tier conversation about:

Building Inter-Group 2nd-Tier 
Collective Intelligence Wespaces

The purpose of seeking to create second tier collective intelligence we-spaces between groups, not just between individuals, is two-fold:

1. To better fulfill the same purpose/reap the same benefits available, which for most folks living in second-tier awareness, is to better deal with humanity's challenge and build an evolutionary future more to our liking.

2. Simply to have the integrity of walking our talk, because CI is nothing if it is not "scalable," to use an Orange term!

What kind of conversations could we have about this? I offer some seeds.

Definitions: For the referents of the main noun here, see the other two blogs (Part 1 and Part 2.) For purposes of this discussion, the following terms are used synonymously:

collective intelligence, we-space, collective insight, collective presencing, transparent communication. 

Here is a very brief rundown on five of the possible ways to promote the development of a We-Space involving many of the currently active groups exploring/embodying the phenomenon/capacity of co-creating and operating in/as, a collective intelligence -- ways these groups might synergize so they live more in and as, what they are studying.

1. Each group realize their larger context of humanity's evolution, that they are not the lone wolf nor the voice crying in the wilderness, and they do not own or have a corner on anything about this phenomenon or capacity. It all works best if each realizes and operates as if it is one spark of a much larger fire burning on this planet these days. It works much better if this realization actually informs all of a group's plans and activities.

2. Designers/planners of any event or beginning group can familiarize themselves with the results of previous group endeavors/explorations, as well as what individuals have been doing and finding. Then they can incorporate these and build on them, rather than starting from scratch. The singular but pleiomorphic CI of humanity as a whole is accumulating knowledge, wisdom, strength, and clarity over time, in a cumulative process. 

You would think designers would take this into account; it seems like common sense, but it doesn't always operate, mostly because we are all used to operating independently, separately, and the availability of willing and resonant/aligned others is still not our default "reality." 

3. Second Tier We-Space explorers presumably are working in, with, and as fields of subtle energies, as well as gross-concrete levels of energy/consciousness. Thus, each group could, if it chooses, consciously contribute to, invoke as a resource, draw inspiration from, and allow themselves to embody/express, the "Field of Fields" which is the overall Collective Intelligence of humanity/the planet (or wider, if the group plays in those world-spaces.)

Sample invocations/benedictions which could be used at group meetings, are included below.

4. Groups could share the same structures for harvesting the results of their explorations. Thus participants in one group could have easy and full access to the findings of previous explorations. This leverages the conversations over time, so each builds rather than re-inventing the wheel. (The whole point of CI is that the Field holds the knowledge and wisdom, so re-inventing the wheel is the opposite of using this capacity.)

Groups can share such structures as wikis, knowledge gardens, questions, and findings, not to mention the individuals who are participants in more than one group. Groups could provide ways for participants in each to connect with one another to foster self-organizing and self-generating activities amongst them.

All this involves a lot more than simply the same speakers showing up at different events speaking their piece, even if they are representing the cumulative wisdom of all their own groups.

5. Groups could collaborate in setting up both structures and processes for inter-group ongoing communication and action-inquiry/action-research. These structures and processes would be yet another scaling of the phenomenon/capacity if they have the integrity to be designed and operated that way. This is definitely a leading edge of humanity's growth, beyond CI within a group of individuals, to CI as an inter-group phenomenon/capacity, Here is a suggested template for such an inter-group structure.

The more we choose to do all of the above, and whatever else would serve this purpose of inter-group CI emergence, the faster humanity's conscious evolution will go, and the greater our probability of a thriving and flourishing future.

So please contribute your suggestions and insights below!!!! 

I note that two current "events" within the Integral world are moving in these directions: the Integral Living Room event catalyzed, designed and led by Diane Hamilton, Terry Patten, and Jeff Salzman, and Explore the Power of Collective Insight symposium catalyzed, designed, and led by Bonnitta Roy along with sixteen invited presenters who represent many groups and decades of mutual explorations. 

For other blogs I've done on this phenomenon/capacity,, check the "labels" or titles list to the right on this page. 



by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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