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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Resources to Explore We-Space/Collective Intelligence

(A Few of the Many Existing) 

Resources to Explore 
"We-Space/Collective Intelligence"

version Dec. ​9​, 2013

Resources cited:
  • Integral Living Room 2013
  • Bonnitta Roy's Symposium on Collective Insight Nov. 2013
  • Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira's​ Evolutionary Collective
    ​/Mutual Awakening work​
  • Diane Hamilton's Flex-Flow Facilitation program​
  • Misc. other resources incl. my blogs with lots of other resources linked
  • Pacific Integral

Here are links related to the Integral Living Room Oct-Nov. 2013 Event:

Go to http://www.integrallivingroom.com/ and click on top tab The Conversation So Far, there are 7 audios there, including several on we-space. Click on Blog for commentary about the audios, plus the downloadable audios.

Watch for Integral Living Room in Notes from the Field in the January 2014 issue of http://integralleadershipreview.com/

About The Integral Center in Boulder, and a link to the flood repair donation fund: http://www.dailyevolver.com/2013/11/healing-the-world-one-relationship-at-a-time-a-conversation-with-robert-mcnaughton/
Donating and also a description of the Center's work: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/healing-the-planet-one-relationship-at-a-time

Here are links related to Bonnitta Roy's Symposium on Collective Insight, (a higher-consciousness we-space inquiry)
held November 2013

Links to Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira re Evolutionary Collective/Evolutionary Relationships/Mutual Awakening exploration of higher-consciousness we-spaces

This is especially interesting and educational, a free e-book to download:
Link to (one of) Diane Hamilton's versions of Integral We-space
This blogpost in particular contains a bunch of links to other people who are exploring we-spaces of higher consciousness

Pacific Integral research, publications, and GeneratingTransformativeChange Program

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