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Sunday, December 8, 2013

We-Space: The Simplicity Beyond Complexity

We-Space: The Simplicity Beyond Complexity*

As the phenomenon/capacity of what I prefer to call Collective Emergent Intelligence becomes more prevalent and more an object of interest among people, including Integral-interested people, “we” seem to all get caught up in complex and difficult questions like “What is it?” and “How do we achieve it?” I’m going to come out of the closet here and give a perspective from which it’s very simple.** I am sure other simplicities might be arrived at, also! I invite you to share!

1 - It’s our natural state

In a nutshell, the first simplicity is that this kind of interpersonal relating and operating in consciousness is our natural state. Another way of saying the same simplicity is that this kind of capacity is simply one aspect of individual consciousness which is “awakened” to whatever extent it is awakened. IOW it’s a byproduct; it’s a consequence; it’s inherent in expanded consciousness to whatever degree consciousness is expanded.

Thus all of the injunctions and inducing-process methodologies we might laboriously invent with our minds or develop as a result of empirical experience, are, I believe, simply ways of getting the participants in the given group at the given time, to expand the functioning of their awareness beyond “the veil of separation” (and perhaps further than that into total nonduality.)

The simplest, clearest, most accessible and useful description of individual awakening that I know of is Adyashanti’s book or CD True Meditation. The simplicity is that various kinds and degrees of non-dual awareness ARE our “natural state” and always already present and operating and discernible within us, as us. [The complexity before that can, in some views, involve many factors on a theological and cosmological level such as the role of Divine Grace, and such as all the veils humanity has wanted to explore before putting them aside, but that’s another book, haha.]

He doesn’t take it to an intersubjective scope, but the implication is there -- and indeed, the experience is there, for so many of us! I believe we’ve experienced that many of the “injunctions” which seem to help people’s awareness expand, can be applied to groups, and then this capacity is released more, and the phenomenon appears more. I make sense of a lot of what I read that people are doing, this way.

One corollary, or another way of saying the same thing, is that the very emergence of so much interest in group functioning in expanded consciousness is simply a natural and expectable consequence of the rapidly expanding scope of awareness in literally millions of individuals around the globe. Life is a four-quadrant (at least four, LOL) affair, so there really cannot help but be an expanding scope of awareness for those folks as they relate and function with one another! That “new way of being together” is a wave of fascinated exploration which has caught folks in the Integral “movement” as well as millions of others.

2 - The Evolutionary Impulse

The second aspect of the simplicity beyond the complexity, in my view, is that there is what you might call “a wind behind our backs” as we venture into greater and greater we-space functioning in more mature, more-expanded consciousness, and that "wind" is what is popularly called now, “the evolutionary impulse.” I won’t go into my own ways to describe that, as I expect most readers of this blog can connect with a meaning.


So the ultimate simplicities I can see are that we-space is the natural way for human consciousness to function ONGOINGLY, and that there is at present a natural movement in the Kosmos toward humanity’s full functioning in that way.

Contrast of this view to “It’s our only hope for survival” view

This view, these simplicities, stand in considerable contrast to “We must achieve this way of operating in consciousness together because our previous way of operating has brought us to the brink of extinction.” My view can include that, but fundamentally, my view is not driven by the avoidance of a negative, nor is it driven by an attempt to achieve something new which has never existed and doesn’t presently exist. Both those aspects or variables make a big difference in both the quality of life of the view-holders AND, IMO, in the speed of success in actually operating in the desired intersubjective mode.

How come we’ve been operating another way?

One can call our previous mode of collective functioning an immaturity, or one can call it a project (of exploration of a non-natural state of being/living) which is coming to its natural end. That distinction doesn’t, as far as I can see, make as big a difference. But the latter is IMO another way of describing what people are calling “the evolutionary impulse.”]

P.S. A corollary of what I’m saying here is that the “Teal” stage of we-space consciousness/living LINK is our natural state. The ease and joyfulness which are markers of it, would certainly suggest that!!

** Lest you misinterpret this meme “Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity”

(A meme attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and often worded as

*I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.)
The meme calls attention to three phases of apprehension: the simplicity of the naive, uninformed, uneducated, innocent, first-look view, then looking more closely and seeing all the complexities involved in the messiness of organic reality, and then possibly “going meta” in some emergent, transcending “grokking” of an entire (simple) higher-order pattern which includes all the complexities.

If we want to accomplish anything in the messy organic world, we use that second simplicity as our context, our basic assumption, our background, but not the entirety of our working “knowing.”

In other words, it seems to me that the best use of this notion involves a “transcending and including.” The notion CAN be interpreted as that this ultimate simplicity is all we need to pay attention to, once we’ve “got it.” That’s probably a recipe for failure and suffering.


If there were a simplicity on the other side of complexity about all this we-space stuff, that you can see, what would it be?

* Gratitude to Bonnitta Roy for mentioning (in a group email conversation) that there might be a simplicity to all this. I had been longing to hear such a view, another's mention of what I regard as not only possible, but true, already the case, just waiting to be realized.

by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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