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Friday, December 26, 2014

Yellow to Turquoise, Individual to Collective, Parts to Whole?

 Yellow to Turquoise, Individual to Collective, Parts to Whole?

Hey, an insight which might prove heuristic for me and for you -- about the swings between individual-focus and group-focus as worldviews develop along the spiral.

I was contemplating a difference between Yellow and Turquoise. Yellow is focused on the health, wellbeing, getting-along, working-together, systemic harmonization, of EACH, EVERY, and ANY person or group of persons no matter where they are on the spiral. Yellow is coming from that perspective, and developing actual capacities to foster and achieve such purposes.

Turquoise, we might say, then focuses on the health, wellbeing, getting along, working together of ALL persons and/or groups. The shift is from Every to All. This is often listed as one instance of the swing along the spiral between "warm" colors which are characterized as more "individual-concerned" and cool colors which are more "group/collective-concerned."​ The word "whole" is often used with respect to Turquoise: focus on the whole planet, the whole of humanity, taking a holistic perspective.

However, I don't remember hearing anyone characterize the "warm" phases as focused on "parts of next whole." It is noted in Integral Theory that each "collective" gets larger in some ways (smaller in other ways) along the spiral, thus each "collective" transcends and includes the previous wholes which are now parts. Well, it seems to me that is what a new "emergent holon" is.

The insight which blossomed in my awareness this morning with respect to Yellow and Turquoise is that Yellow is developing its capacity to deal well with many parts. "Curating" them, if you will, to use a term I got from Marilyn Hamilton, author, consultant and movement-leader of Integral City (.com.)

With enough skill at fostering good working connections among the previous worldviews, among individuals and groups holding them, there is in the Yellow consciousness developing into Turquoise perhaps what we could call a "coalescing" of these into a new emergent Whole of subtle Energies of the planet which is then the focus of attention/work and the arena of development of new capacities at a new scale. Or we might language it as that there is a "zooming out" and seeing the individuals as an energetic Whole when viewed from "further out" (whatever that might mean; don't try to pin me down on it here!) in consciousness.

They turn out to be able to be seen as parts only in retrospect, of course; only when the new Whole is perceived, are the objects of attention, having capacities developed to deal with them, seen to be related in that way. At the time of the warm worldview, they are merely various objects of attention.

I just said "I don't remember hearing anyone characterize the 'warm' phases as focused on 'parts of the next whole.'" It could very well be that indeed Ken Wilber said this, or it was explicit or implicit in Terri O'Fallon's StAGES training I took last June. It has happened before in my life, that I read something, and then months or years later, it pops up as "new." So I might have encountered the seed idea, or in its plant or bud form, or even the blossom itself, previously. I'm open to discovering that.

For now, however, it seems quite logical to regard movement along the Spiral of development of consciousness as not only having the theme of individual or collective, but to further characterize the theme as parts or wholes. So perhaps we could say the times of the "warm" worldviews are times of developing capacities around managing certain parts of life, of experience, of the world, and then part of the natural movement into the next "cool" time is when so much familiarity with and skill with those particular parts, catalyzes a natural coalescing or zooming out, and the pieces of the puzzle are no longer pieces, they are part of a picture which is now seen, now grokked, even if quite implicitly.

The next steps in this exploration would be to try to characterize the "parts" involved in the warm worldviews, and their emergent Whole in the next cool worldview, all the way from Beige to Teal (first in First Tier, last in Third Tier.) That is a task for another day. I suspect it would not be a lengthy task. I'd look first to characterizations of the "scope of caring" of each worldview, for clues.

Whaddaya think? It makes logical sense, right?

And no need to get hung up that a worldview is not a holon; the term "holon" is used imprecisely when heuristic in many contexts these days, I notice, so I am comfortable with playing with it as a framework here. Maybe just "that which transcends and includes previous elements" would serve, but a single word is easier to use in discourse.
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by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, 
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