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Monday, May 5, 2014

A Couple of Possible Markers of Second-Tier We-Space

A Couple of Possible Markers 

of Second-Tier We-Space

I identified these as a result of contemplating some things I observed at the recent Integral Living Room event. These are interpersonal dynamics I saw operating several times during the event, and have managed to find words to express. What do you think????

These are special, specific dynamics one would expect to encounter at the beginning of inhabiting the first new worldview in second tier. IOW they are specific issues for entering Yellow/Teal. They're related to "we-space" relating.

The two markers are:

1. Seeing things as they are, rather than as we are used to seeing them.
2. Synergizing differences in action plans, rather than trying to get everyone into one plan.

1. One person says something, and another person makes an interpretation of what it means, and responds as if their interpretation were the truth, instead of checking it out.

Now, why would the responding person act that way? I notice that most of the interpretations are of statements which generally, when uttered by an ordinary person in our daily life, would mean one thing. We have learned what it means when they say that, and our interpretations are rarely wrong.

However, now that we are among some extraordinary people, sometimes they say things which at first glance (forgive the wrong metaphor) appear to be the same as what we’re used to hearing. So we tend to knee-jerk interpret and respond as if we were hearing the same old thing again.

But I have observed that in fact, often, we are not actually checking out whether it’s the same old thing, or not. And I have observed from my point of view, that it is often NOT the same old thing, and we end up missing out on opportunities to understand one another accurately, and end up with all the unfortunate consequences of missed opportunities and of people feeling misunderstood/unseen.

So next time someone says something you have a negative interpretation of, why not pause and ask them if they mean --------, or something different?? You might be pleasantly surprised. We can be using terms which “Green” uses, is often ego-invested in or does socially undesirable things with, but for us, the meaning, and what we do with the meaning, is different.

Shall we practice trying to see things as they are, and not as we assume them to be, and give one another the benefit of the doubt, and really invest some energy in understanding people? Doesn’t that sound pretty Second Tier or Integral??

Of course, ideally the speaker takes responsibility for precision of expression, and grows out of using the same old languaging, so what they say doesn't sound like the same old stuff. Along with that, listeners can learn new ways of responding to what they think they hear.

2. Just like Michael described on the ILR preview call with his house metaphor, I noticed people at the ILR event still (in effect) yelling “It’s better over here. Everyone should come over here.” That is often expressed as “We should……” or any phrasing which suggests that the speaker’s action plan is the best, and the only sensible thing to do, or that unless everyone does the speaker’s action plan, nothing will be accomplished or succeed.

This is a rampant viewpoint among activists for various world-improvement causes, who feel that unless many many others agree with their goals and approaches, and work with them, their desires will come to naught. It's a common and discouraging viewpoint. "Not enough people are helping us and therefore we will fail and the world will suffer or die."

The alternative view I call “division of labor.” My recommended approach to people with passionate action plans is to support them equally passionately, and be profoundly grateful for their energy, and allow that other people with other gifts and passions might be innerly directed to do other things, and that the parts will become a harmonious whole if we allow the division of the labor that way.

So it seems to me that we could practice this second marker of Second Tier relating, the realization of the value of a diversity of action plans. I’m more interested in supporting many different action plans and in figuring out how they can synergize, and not so interested in lining everyone up on one. I do not believe that a certain number of people involved is required for effectiveness in changing the world and I do not believe that the more people, the more effect.

What is your view?

by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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