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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Frameworks for Viewing Developmental Stages of We-spaces

Frameworks for Viewing 
Developmental Stages 
of We-spaces

I've just come from an in-person presentation of her current work by Terri O'Fallon of Pacific Integral, and have a bunch of "Aha's" about ways of viewing we-spaces!

(I'm presuming my reader here knows about the phenomenon/capacity I am referring to as "we-space" which is different from the "collective" or "plural" quadrants or aspects of an individual person. See the Basics section of this document with my 6 introductory blogposts on the topic, or read this one introductory blogpost.)

In a word, I see that the frameworks available for viewing we-spaces as having, displaying, or expressing developmental stages, have been very primitive so far, compared to the framework Terri is making available. Her framework is extraordinarily granular compared to the very general Spiral Dynamics/Integral framework I've had available so far and have used thus far in my two-dozen blogposts so far about Collective Intelligence/We-spaces. 

So I shall be studying this new "StAGES" framework via online resources (you might have to create an account to see the resource documents) and I shall be taking the in-person 5-day in-depth training in June here in Seattle. I characterize the frameworks available thus far as kindergarten-level knowledge about human developmental sequences, and what Terri is offering is at least high school if not graduate school !!!! It's not a different framework entirely; it seems to subsume all the others available to humanity so far. This seems to me to be humanity's cutting edge of self-understanding around the development of individual consciousness and it needs to be quickly applied to understanding (and thus fostering) humanity's cutting edge of group-consciousness, which is higher-consciousness CI/we-spaces. 

I did realize during the evening, that different granularities of frameworks for understanding humans and their development are appropriate for different purposes. This extreme granularity would, for example, not be necessary (and perhaps even be less useful) for marketing purposes, for which a system like Spiral Dynamics/Integral would be quite adequate to bring a useful level of sophistication to one's marketing copy and methods.

However, for teachers, coaches, spiritual counselors and others who work with individuals and groups, this newly-available level of granularity is quite exciting in its potential to help us be more helpful!!

Since humanity's objective examination and self-understanding about we-space kinds of consciousness is really just beginning, even the notion that we-spaces display developmental stages is not at all common (as far as I have been able to tell) among the many groups exploring their own versions of producing, experiencing, and perhaps using we-space consciousness. (An example of the beginning around the notion of we-spaces having stages is in Dustin DiPerna's chapter on we-spaces in the new book The Coming Waves: Evolution, Transformation and Action in an Integral Age. I'll be blogging about that book soon.)

Thus, the simpler frameworks available up to now are probably more than sufficient, if applied in our analyses of we-space consciousness, to greatly increase the sophistication of our understanding -- and thereby increase the usefulness of that understanding for contributing to what I am seeing as the worldwide explosion of this human phenomenon/capacity into new stages of expression, indicated partly by the explosion of interest in the higher-consciousness we-spaces among so many people.

The occurrence of higher-consciousness we-spaces is expanding seemingly exponentially among "even ordinary" people nowadays, including within the larger Integral-interested community. Thus I expect analysis/contemplation/research about what is happening will probably expand exponentially also, which means we will quickly feel the need for more sophistication/granularity and more intellectual/research robustness in our frameworks used for understanding we-space phenomena/characteristics.

That's a cutting edge of humanity which calls loudly to me as part of my own highest service. How about you?

by Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., Head Minister, Amplifying Divine Light in All Church
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