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Sunday, December 8, 2013

We-space/Collective Intelligence topic blogs here

Here's a list of the blogposts I've done 
here in this blog

about "we-space" 
aka collective intelligence aka transparent communication 
aka "Authentic Self" ......

To date May 6, 2014. 
They are in recommended order of reading.
Groupings are for convenience.

There is now a document containing essentially all of these blogposts. 
To view, download, print and/or share 
(but not to comment in) 
the printer-friendly 145-page PDF file, 
click here:


Exploring the phenomenon/experience of "collective emergent consciousness"

We-Spaces: Parameters of Description

Frameworks for Viewing Developmental Stages of We-spaces (not yet in the pdf compilation of blogposts on this topic)

Second Tier We-Space: Yellow vs Turquoise

Third Tier We-spaces: Coral and Teal


We-Space: The Simplicity Beyond Complexity


There are 6 blogs in a series, here is the link to the first and the others are all linked out from there and to one another:

A Spectrum of Online Community Interactions


Unknown said...

Thanks for giving us these links that collate all your We-Space blogs. You have done a lot of work (maybe a book on the topic??).

If I had time I'd add more about my related questions but here are a few:
1. How about defining "Human Hive Mind" differently than merely a role and exploring as a morphogenetic field?.
2. I'd also refer you to my article on Spirituality in the City which differentiates between We Space (UR,LR), We-Place (LL), and WE-Grace (UL). This might help with some of the questions you ask about the monad? (or not?)- which incidentally I think are very provocative.
3. How does WE (S,P,G aka AQAL) arise from the RESONANCE of individual I's? (Perhaps this is related to the States you reference). And how does WE RESONANCE lead to WE EMERGENCE and
WE COHERENCE?? IMO these questions are critical to the emergence of WE as organs/organization.

"Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church said...

Delighted to have your input, Marilyn! Thanks for the visit!
Yes, once one has done enough blogs, they cry out to become a book. But I have two others to finish first, LOL!
Do I seem to define what you call 'Human Hive Mind' as "merely a role?" Gracious that is the furthest from the truth I see about it. I very much see each instance as what we might call a "morphogenetic field." That is an excellent metaphor.
I look forward to exploring your blog to see indeed whether it is relevant to the "dominant monad" issue.
Your third question(s) are indeed crucial, and belong in the huge long list of "Questions about We-space Which Need Answering" I am working toward posting in this blog! I think the answer to each is probably a book in itself and a course of Mastery that could take a long time!